Create your first Milky Way photo with your own gear! 📷✨⭐️

Introducing: "Your First Milky Way Photo"

Join Kristine for a free LIVE 3-part class on Milky Way Photography

Learn how to use free software to find the Milky Way no matter where you are. (No astronomy background needed!)
Learn the EXACT settings to use with your camera.
• Learn the 4 keys to creating amazing images of the Milky Way.

You will create YOUR FIRST photograph of the Milky Way.
It's time to experience the awe of the universe on your camera!

***See below for gear requirements

What can you expect to create?!
Look below to check out what these students who participated in my past classes came away with 
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Thousands of photographers have gone through this free training and have taken their very first image of the Milky Way. 

I won't make you read a thousand reviews though 😉 

Here's what a few past students thought:

What do I need for this class?

All that you need for this class is a camera: DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) or MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera) and a tripod! Recommended that you have a wide-ish angle lens (18mm on APS-C is fine)

Who is this class for?

This is a class for intermediate photographers. You should understand how to shoot in manual mode on your camera. You do not need any experience photographing at night.